*    Wednesday, 06 July 2016 06/07/2016 05:17:09

Hay: hun: up early, hardly sleep these days, forty winks here and there and the occasional zzz’s: but raring to get on with the day: and, by the way we are feeling particularly buoyant as a large part of our archive has been de-classified, so prepare for: bullshit :-]

We are off to work on Jake’s top secret plan: we have our own ideas about that, by the way: it is just a matter of convincerating him that it was his idea first not ours :-]


*    Tuesday, 05 July 2016 05/07/2016 12:01:16


Hi: hun: Been skiving with [o][o], he has been chucking leisie snot at anything that moves: principally the ladies, he attempting to get turned down for a blow job in the car park, or a fumble in the bushes as an alternative a double header with a combined hand job: he’s doing rather well at the moment, he is still awaiting one with the wit, charm and sophistication to say something unusual, like alright then: you are on! :-]


Of to do some director type stuff: see comic interlude: to understand [o][o] to a meeting! ;-)



*    Comic interlude: